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What is a Motorcycle Club?

Rogue Souls, MC

Many people when they think of Motorcycle Clubs think of outlaw motorcycle clubs, also called 1% clubs. Another common association with Motorcycle Clubs is the popular TV series "Sons of Anarchy". Though "Sons of Anarchy" is an enjoyable show to watch that depicts a fictional outlaw club, not all Motorcycle Clubs, or MC's, claim the outlaw lifestyle. And some Outlaw, or 1% clubs do not participate in the crime you see depicted on shows like gun running and drugs, its more of a status. Some members of outlaw clubs do not participate in illegal behavior. There are motorcycle clubs with people from all different walks of life that form clubs for different reasons. Some are service oriented clubs, some are members associated with certain bikes, religions, groups, or professions such as Law Enforcement or Military. Just as the rest of America and the world for that matter are diverse, so are all the Motorcycle Clubs you see, so before judging them its a good idea to learn about the different MC's in your area.

Why did we form a MC? Some members of the Rogue Souls MC were involved in another Motorcycle Club before forming Rogue Souls MC or RSMC. The clubs culture was not a good fit for them, so the Rogue Souls MC was formed to create a culture that they wanted. Rogue Souls MC culture involves brotherhood, service, building the community, supporting our constitutional 2nd Amendment rights, enjoying the ride and visiting new areas around the country, helping each-other work on bikes etc, friendship and most important an extended family. Starting a club was not easy, we had A LOT of meetings figuring out bylaws, colors, name, patch and we all had to agree, as well al the legal stuff of starting a non-profit organization, but this process unified us together in one purpose and refined the culture we wanted as a club.

All MC's have different cultures, time involvement, and requirements they expect from their members. MC's usually have a hang around or prospecting time, or both, for potential members to make sure the individual is a good fit for the MC as well as the MC being a good fit for the individual. Rogue Souls MC might not be a Motorcycle Club that fits you, but there are a variety of different Motorcycle Clubs in your area and through research and talking to the members you can get a better idea if the club is a fit for you. Any member of the Rogue Souls MC would be happy to answer any questions you have about our club. Rogue Souls Motorcycle Club, RSMC, enjoys participating in the motorcycle community, talking and visiting with others clubs and other riders, but we don't affiliate with the outlaw lifestyle. We have members of our club who are Law Enforcement, Active and Prior Military, Health Professionals, Business Owners, and other important Jobs throughout the community. We are Rogue Souls MC. See you on the road!

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