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What is a Rogue Soul?

You might be wondering what is a Rogue Soul? Where did the name come from? Well we went through probably a thousand or more different name variations before Rogue Souls was chosen to be the name of this Motorcycle Club (MC). We wanted to be sure what we wore and what we represented fit who we were as individuals and as an MC. Each word considered in the name of our club was scrutinized and picked apart. You weren't at the long hours/days of discussion so what I am attempting to do is give you definition of what a Rogue Soul is from my perspective. Each Member might feel a little differently about it, as each member will have different experience and relationship with the club.

Where does the "rogue' come from in the name? If you look up the definition of "rogue" there are many different meanings, some of them having a negative context. We did not embrace the word "rogue" because of its negative meanings but instead there was something else about the word that resonated deeply with us. Other definitions describe "rogue" as someone that is different from others, or someone that separates themselves from the group or from the norms. From the beginning the First 9 of the Rogue Souls MC decided to set themselves apart and to start a new club that was new and different then other clubs. How did we accomplish this? It was not easy. We started with the democratic process of every member having a voice and all things being voted on by the majority of the club. As you can imagine we didn't always agree with each other and there were tense moments but it bonded and united us as one. Each member stands as an equal brother whose voice is heard. We separated ourselves from what most people think of as Motorcycle Clubs or MCs. We set limited constraints for prospecting with the club, meaning no limitations of race, religion, political affiliation etc. Instead we set the standard of a potential prospect. Potential prospects must agree with our clubs mission, hold a conceal carry permit or at least be eligible to receive one, and must own a Motorcycle that fits into the guidelines the club set out (American style, 750cc+). We set a clear mission statement for what our club was about. As a club we decided what was the most important ideals for us to rally behind were Brotherhood, supporting and exercising our 2nd amendment right to bear arms, community service, and our love for motorcycles. We are rogues because we march to our own beat, our own culture, we pave the path for our club rides.

So why Soul? "Soul" is defined as the moral and emotional nature of human beings or all rational and spiritual beings. As a motorcycle club we embrace this view of humans as having moral agency and that we are not just animals that are reactive. We hold each member accountable for his actions and we expect a high standard of moral character in each of our members. We look for rational and spiritual beings during the process of prospecting. Spiritual does not necessarily mean religious, but aware of your spiritual needs. "Soul" is also defined as the immaterial essence or animating principle giving an individual life. We also embrace this definition and use "soul" in our name because it gives life to the club. We embrace life, and we feel our club is vibrant because of the different personalities that we have. Also, as "soul'" is immaterial, or not physical, it cannot be destroyed. The bonds that we have as brothers and the ideals and cultures we created cannot be destroyed. We are souls because who we are and what we believe and stand for is eternal.